Artistic Skating Frames Roll-Line Mistral
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Artistic Skating Frames Roll-Line Mistral

Artistic Skating Frames Roll-Line Mistral, with toe stops.


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Artistic Skating Frames Roll-Line Mistral, with toe stops.

The Roll-Line Mistral is for the high level competitors and serious Skaters that want the most a skate can deliver, but are not quite ready for the Energy or Matrix. The Mistral provides the best possible performance due to its innovative design and ultra lightweight structure. The   Roll-Line Mistral is forged from a solid bar of Avional Aluminum Alloy and completely CNC machined. Avional is one of the Strongest and Lightest Aluminum Alloys available (just under the Ergal) and offers a very good coiled-spring response. The Roll-Line Click Action adjustment system provides optimum, accurate, and consistent Action adjustments using the 04 series, 13mm base King Pins with Adjustment Click-Nuts and Locking Screws. The  Mistral  features the strongest Steel Axles available in trucks with adjustable Pivot Pins.

Roll-Line Urethane Suspensions provide incredibly quick and fluid energy transmission from the foot through the skate to the skating surface. 
The Roll-Line Urethane Suspensions are available in five hardnesses to provide the perfect skate alignment. The Upper (Large) Suspension provides the Stability of the Edge, while the Lower (Small) Suspension creates the Deep Edges, Great Turns and Spins. The Suspensions can be mixed and matched to provide a VERY Custom skate Action. Usually the Upper (Large) Suspension is harder, because it is carrying the weight of the Skater, and provides the edge stability, while the Lower (Small) Suspension is one or (more infrequently) two levels more flexible, providing great edges and changes. Sometimes for FreeStyle Skating, the lower cushion is one level stiffer to support the stability of landing major jumps.

The shock absorbers are composed of urethane, available in 5 different hardness, as the weight and characteristics of the athlete:
- Shock absorbers extra-soft - green - for athletes weighing up to 35kg.
- Soft Shock absorbers - grey - for athletes weighing up to 45kg.
- Shock absorber medium hardness - light blue - for athletes weighing up to 55kg.
- Shock absorbers medium / hard hardness - translucent color - for athletes weighing up to 70kg.
- Very hard Shock absorbers - yellow - for athletes weighing more than 70kg.

The Mistral is provided with the Super Professional (Natural) Toe Stops (Metric).

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