Compressive Sleeves Replic
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Compressive Sleeves Replic

Compressive Sleeves Replic

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Compressive Sleeves Replic

Muscle compression systems high performance and high adaptability. Absorbs the transmission of vibrations and substantially reduces muscle fatigue. Made multifilament yarn that facilitates the expulsion of sweat to the outside and regulates the temperature of the arm for optimal performance.
Before Physical Activity: Improving athletic warming because local muscle located at an optimum temperature zone. So you get a quick and effective set-up for the competition, preventing injury due to incorrect warming.
During physical activity: Improving athletic performance by maintaining muscle temperature. Promotes blood and lymphatic circulation thus eliminating toxins.
After Physical Activity: musculoskeletal Get faster recovery. Its design and structure increases the blood and lymph flow helping the regeneration, recovery and healing of damaged tissue by physical effort.

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