Figure Quad Skates ATLAS EK Frames RISPORT ANTARES Boots BOIANI STAR Wheels
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Figure Quad Skates Alumínio Frames RISPORT ANTARES Boots BOIANI STAR Wheels

Figure Quad Skates RISPORT ANTARES Boots, Alumínio Frames, BOIANI STAR Wheels and Bearings.

Assembly included in the price.


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Artistic skating skates set includes: RISPORT ANTARES Boots, Frames Alumínio, BOIANI STAR wheels, and bearings.

Are delivered assembled, ready to skate. The montage is included in the price.

- RISPORT ANTARES Figure Skating Boots: Beginners.

Waterproof Leather upper. Highly breathable lining. Easy hooks for lacing. Supportive rear profile. Padded tongue profile. Polyurethane sole.

Stiffness rating index: 30

- Patins de Patinagem Artística Livre de Alumínio, com travoes: especiais para patinação artística. Patins com boa relação preço / qualidade, base e eixos em alumínio e aço, recomendado para os patinadores iniciação. Freios ajustáveis.


- Figure skating wheels BOIANI STAR: Artistic Skating Wheels Boiani Star . Diameter 57mm.

Wheels one component. Medium profile

.Wheels Boiani Star 40CS Hardness. Slippery surfaces. White color.

Wheels Boiani Star 70HD Hardness. Medium surfaces. Pink color.

Wheels Boiani Star 70HD Hardness. Medium surfaces. Green color.

Wheels Boiani Star 75HD Hardness. Medium surfaces. Grey color.

Wheels Boiani Star 80HD Hardness. Rough surfaces. Beige color.

Wheels Boiani Star 84HD Hardness. Extra Rough surfaces White color.

- Skate Bearings: Different types of bearings to choose from (prices will vary according to the chosen set bearings, you have to choose the bearings from the drop down).

* Economic Roller Bearings, semiprecision. Quality China. Bearings at a great price, but poor quality. Not recommended for skaters started.

* Roller Bearings Armored. Protection plate steel sheet on both sides of the bearing.

* Skate Bearings Carbon Armored, one side. With protective plate, sheet steel on both sides of the bearing.

* Skate Bearings Roll-Line Carbon J, hardened steel with polyamide separate areas, offer excellent performance. They are created for the competition, open on both sides for a perfect cleaning.

You can make changes to this set to suit your needs (skate size, bearings, sota punta, brakes, combination of different hardness wheels, according to your needs).
This set comes fully assembled and ready to skate.

You can view all the elements of the set on our website.

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