Hockey Frames Roll-Line EVO
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Hockey Frames Roll-Line EVO Titanium

Hockey Frames Roll-Line EVO, with toe stops.


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Hockey Frames Roll-Line EVO, with toe stops.

The Roll-Line EVO  it is a fully reticulated and technical frame, and it's for that, that  EVO is the lightest skate in the world, with an optimum structural rigidity.

Biomechanical studies attest that the flat base of the workforce is essential for perfect transmission of force, foot -shoe- template during the loading phase of the jumps. Collaboration with the best athletes and coaches in the world allowed for the first frame with a different angle on the steering. A larger angle on the front lets you start the spin with extreme ease and less pressure.

And a smaller angle at the back ensures greater stability and balance in pirouettes. The EVO redesigned shock absorbers with a dual-stage compression, allowing optimal support base in the preparation phase of the jump and the perfect stability in the final stage of it.

Adjustable direction. Brakes super professional natural rubber. Aluminum template with left and right skate. Polyurethane suspension. Train wheels aluminum alloy and titanium axles.
The shock absorbers are composed of urethane, available in 4 different hardness, as the weight and characteristics of the athlete:
- Shock absorbers extra-soft - green - for athletes weighing up to 55kg.
- Soft Shock absorbers - grey - for athletes weighing up to 70kg.
- Shock absorber medium hardness - light blue - for athletes weighing up to 90kg.
- Shock absorbers medium / hard hardness - translucent color - for athletes weighing more than 90kg.

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