Payment Methods

We accept: Credit card, Bank transfer, PayPal, Giro Postal and Wester Unio

n. Other payment ways are not accepted.


Credit Card: You can pay at the moment by the security payments system. To make sure to keep your confidentiality and integrity on the transactions, these will be realized through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, with security keys of 128 bits. Even more, offers the most advanced security systems. 

If you decided to do the payment by credit card, remember that SOLOPATIN uses the card payment verified by Visa, which allows to verify that the person who is doing the shopping is the card's owner, by virtual tpv and offer this way the best security use of your card in the Internet shoppings.

To use your card in secure shopping mode on the Internet, only you have to ask to your bank office to activate this mode (it is a totally free action).

When you join in this mode, your bank gives you an additional verifying system which can vary depending on the bank (confirmation by SMS in your mobile phone, additionsl key card, extra password to buy on the internet,...)



Bank tranfer: After receiving your order, we are going to send youby email the total cost and our bank datas which you can useto do the transfer. To make this process faster it is important to indicate the ordering number and send a copy to , once you had done the transfer. The transfers can be realized from any bank.

PayPal: You do not need to enter any credit card number. All you need is an email and its password, and you can pay by the best method for you at any moment, in a secure and fast way. The payment by Paypal it has an extra cost of +3,5%.