Bearings Oil Advance
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Bearings Oil Advance

Bearings Oil Advance. 


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Bearings Oil Advance.

Bottle 15ml.

Drop dispenser.

Advance Skates Bearings Oil is perfect for bearings review and lubrication.

This oil is mainly intended for skating and hockey bearings, shielded, sealed and open.

How to use it: 

Made with low viscosity to maintain high speed performance.

Before usage make sure to clean your bearings with old clothes.

Once they are completely dry add the Oil Bearing to the bearings. Make sure the oil covers all steel/ceramic balls and the nylon container holding it.

Drop 1 to 3 drops; depend on the necessity of the bearing. Once you take them out for a ride all redundant oil will automaticly be pressed out. Therefore it’s a good idea to use an old cloth or paper the first ride after you added the oil. 

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