Figure Skating Boots Edea RONDO Freedom
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Figure Skating Boots Edea RONDO Freedom

Figure Skating Boots Edea Rondo, single jumps.

Stiffness rating index: 35


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Roller Hockey Boots

Figure Skating Boots Edea Rondó Freedom, single jumps.

Stiffness rating index: 35

A classic model for those embarking upon the road that leads to skating at a competitive level.

The boot combines a leather upper and a canvas lining with a low level of rigidity and a futuristic structure.

Indeed, it is made using Planar technology and features a Nylon sole, just like the more developed models.

The new Edea Rondo boots present a subtle change in the center of gravity that provides greater control and improves stability.

It allows the athlete to have greater consistency in the execution of steps, jumps, turns and greater maneuverability of the skate.

The change to the front of the boot also allowed our designers to work on another key area: comfort.

The new shape allows for increased volume in the toe area, improving comfort and allowing skaters to perform longer.

This means that across our entire range we have introduced new lasts, because the width and length have changed.

Black boot option available.

Changes made:

  • Movement in the center of gravity provides greater stability and agility.
  • Reshaped with more volume for greater comfort.
  • Raised toe for a better natural position.

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