Hockey Helmet CCM FL 40 Hockey Visor CCM 1C
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Hockey Helmet CCM HT70 Hockey Visor CCM

Hockey Helmet CCM HT70 Hockey Visor CCM 1C, black helmet. 

  • Black

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Hockey Helmet CCM HT70

With an aerodynamic vector shell design with ventilation made for low profile fit the CCM HT 70 hockey helmet offers maximum comfort and protection. Check it out.

FIT: Fit clips for easy tool-free length adjustment to assure the right fight for everyone.

SHELL: Aerodynamic shell with ventilation designed provides low-profile fit and cool comfort all game long in an NHL supported look.

EAR PIECE: Removable earpiece with pro ear loops.

LINER: New CCM designed comfort line for superior protection and fit.

Hockey Visor CCM 1C

Flat shield visor for most CCM helmets.

One size fits all

Attachment on sides of the helmet.

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