Hockey Helmet Solopatin CCM Visor
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Hockey Helmet Solopatin CCM + Visor + Cover

Hockey Helmet Solopatin CCM + Visor + Cover

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Hockey Helmet CCM:

With an aerodynamic vector shell design with ventilation made for low profile fit the CCM hockey helmet offers maximum comfort and protection. Check it out.

FIT: Fit clips for easy tool-free length adjustment to assure the right fight for everyone.

SHELL: Aerodynamic shell with ventilation designed provides low-profile fit and cool comfort all game long in an NHL supported look.

EAR PIECE: Removable earpiece with pro ear loops.

LINER: New CCM designed comfort line for superior protection and fit.

Hockey Visor CCM:

One size fits all

Attachment on sides of the helmet.


S: 51-56cm

M: 55-59cm

L: 58-62cm

Solopatin cover for your hockey helmet. Possibility of personalization

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