Artistic Skating Frames Roll-Line Matrix
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Hockey Frames Roll-Line Matrix

Hockey Frames Roll-Line Matrix, with toe stops.

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Hockey Frames Roll-Line Matrix, with toe stops.

The Roll-Line Matrix  represents a turning point in the technology of the shoe. The ultra-light frame in special aluminum alloy, its low stance and changed its cruises provide maneuverability and stability ever achieved before . The frame ensures a correct position of support for the shoe and therefore a higher sensitivity and stability to the athlete. The particular front slotted hole allows, in the first stage of assembly, the centering ideal for the athlete.

Cruises are modified to fit the Matrix, with iron and steel rod adjustable, making them lighter. The cruise left rear is made of a material that allows it to resist as long as the efforts to which it is subjected in the falls.

The adjustment of the steering jerky allows a more precise adjustment of the same, limiting the clamp screw nut to a safety function .

The frame is sold with brakes, with a new brake system locks and lowered suspension elastomer, with a spare set .

It also provides a set of keys for adjusting gear door in an envelope, a set of aluminum spacers, a set of dice gold for cruises, a set of mounting screws and a bottle of Bat Oil for lubrication of the bearings.
The shock absorbers are composed of urethane, available in 4 different hardness, as the weight and characteristics of the athlete:
- Shock absorbers extra-soft - green - for athletes weighing up to 55kg.
- Soft Shock absorbers - grey - for athletes weighing up to 70kg.
- Shock absorber medium hardness - light blue - for athletes weighing up to 90kg.
- Shock absorbers medium / hard hardness - translucent color - for athletes weighing more than 90kg.

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