Hockey Solopatin BLUE BEST Aluminium Roll line CENTURION Wheels
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Hockey Solopatin BLUE BEST Aluminium Roll line CENTURION Wheels

Hockey Solopatin BEST Aluminium. Boots Solopatin BEST BLUE, Skates Solopatin Aluminium, Wheels Roll line CENTURION, Skate bearing.


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Hockey Solopatin BEST Aluminium. Consisting of:

- Hockey Boots Solopatin BEST BLUE, introduction to hockey skates.

- Skating boots special synthetic leather for initiation.

- Very slight sole, low profile for better control of the skates.

- Interior foam, high density.

- Large tongue, for better protection before possible blows.

- Reinforced toe and anti-shock back of the heel, extra large, to protect from scratches and give the player better stability.

 - Hockey Aluminium Frames, with toe stops: Frames with good price/quality ratio, base and axes in aluminum and steel, recommended for skaters initiation. Adjustable toe stops.

- Hockey Wheels Roll-Line CENTURION Diameter 62mm.

Rapido wheels are super-lightweight and intended for professional skating at the expert level.

Profile medium. Hardness 88A, 90A, 92A, 95A.

Please, in comments indicate the brake color to choose between: White, Black, Red or Blue.

In addition to being able to choose the color of the brakes: White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Green, Yellow, Sky Blue, Fluor Yellow, Fluor Pink, Fluor Orange or Fluor Green.

To feet sweat a lot, recommend, like for all boots, insoles with ventilation, anti sweat, Solopatin Hockey.

This model has been manufactured especially for Solopatin. So its price is about -20% lower than other models in the same category. So you may already have some boots at the lowest price.

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