Suspensions Medium-Hard Roll Line Matrix
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Suspensions Roll Line SPIN Clear

Suspensions polyurethane clear. For skate "Roll Line SPIN".

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Suspensions polyurethane clear. For skate "Roll Line SPIN".

Suspensions made of polyurethane specifically designed for this skate.
Set of 4 large, and 4 small bands, for a pair of skates. Give good elastic response.

"Roll Line" is the quintessential brand in the world of skate.
He has combined his experience in the world of competition and technological development today is the leader brand in the market and is at the forefront of skating.
All parts and components are designed by the best engineers with the advice of the greatest skaters worldwide.
"Roll Line" advises the change of suspensions once finished the competition season.
The suspensions are highly stressed and twists and over time are eroding the qualities for which they have been designed.

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